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Relevance of International Trade Fairs: How To Be Original And Draw Attention To Your Stand

Exhibitions today are a significant element in the mix of marketing. They are a part of the strategies for marketing for real estate brokers in order to sell products and services for sale to a local market or to promote the sale . Furthermore, an event is an instrument for marketing that can be beneficial over the long term for businesses who wish to keep ahead of competitors and maintain positive relationships with their customers.

The reason for this is that exhibitions are not just places to sell and buy items and services. They are now important venues for meetings that facilitate the exchange of concepts and technologies, transfer of data, the creation of new contacts as well as for the strengthening of business relations already established. Networking is a continuous procedure whereby business connections, as well with all the players involved collaborate to produce important resources for the company.

In addition, the process of networking is linked to the process of internationalization.
Members that want to expand their business traveling abroad in the very first instance typically seek out their local Chamber or Association for help.

The Chamber/Association can offer a range of solutions including: getting members to be part of an international trade show in a suitable market. Initiating an exchange mission (including an educational seminar) to allow members to meet potential buyers from countries that need to be discovered. The organization of a national exhibition and inviting potential buyers from abroad.

International exhibitions require a significant commitment and investment It’s not a surprise that selecting the appropriate country and the right event to take part in is usually a deliberate choice. But it’s not enough to simply be a part of the perfect event. You must find the ideal place within the venue to exhibit your work.

This usually means booking your space ahead of time. In many nations, social interaction is crucial to running a business. In addition to the display space, a reception space where you can interact with prospective customers, potential clients as well as the media is an absolute requirement.

Trade shows’ activities, plays an important role towards building networking channels for all its participants and facilitates internationalization. In addition, the results provide practical management implications that aid trade show attendees and organizers to understand the importance of trade show events as a crucial context within the basis of which networks are created and kept.

Visibility & Presence at Exhibitions

While your visibility and global presence will increase through participation at an international trade fair You must set clearly defined, concrete goals prior to your participation. For your complete strategy for export the goals you set should be based on the current conditions of your capabilities in production. If, for instance your business is producing at 80 % capacity, this means there is still room to grow and consider what your bottom line would look like in the event that you could create at the full capacity. Would this increase in production, when achieved by attending a trade show justify the expense of attending the event worth the cost?

It is also important to determine if it’s actually feasible to boost the capacity of your company. Strategically you should make your list of the most important countries you wish to sell your products to. You’ll need to conduct some preliminary research to make an offer that appeals customers from those countries – Search for Europe wide stands companies .

What countries should you concentrate on? Regarding North America, exporters frequently focus on countries like the United States, Europe, but the reality is that the U.S. market is huge and has a high degree of difficulty for exporters to meet the standards of large corporations. You might want to consider smaller markets initially and make them a stepping towards entering larger markets. Canada and Europe might be one of these market entry strategy.

Exhibiting in Several Countries

Managers should rethink the way they utilize trade shows as part of their marketing strategy for international markets with regard to the strategic significance that trade show shows play in establishing and establishing international networks to gain competitive advantages.
Exhibitions are a great way to raise cash in support of the Association. Exhibition profits could be used to organize additional activities for members. For example, trade missions abroad as well as seminars and talks with international speakers, and to improve and expand the facilities of the association.
You may also wish to look into a program to place advertisements in relevant regional/international trade magazines to create awareness for your event (recommended for trade shows only, unless the organizer wishes to attract foreign participation).

Answering the following questions will help you determine whether participating in a show is worthwhile:

• Who is the main audience for the show? (Note that the actual breakdown by type of visitor may not always be available.)

Is there an exhibit (country stand) for an specific country? Could you be one of the exhibitors under the country banner?
• What kinds of products are exhibited?

• How many exhibitors were there in previous years? Of these exhibitors, how many were from different countries? Which countries were they from?

• Realistically, it is sensible to expect any quantifiable benefits of attending a trade show to manifest over a two-to-three-year period, so you should apply these against the cost of attending over the same period of time.

Quantifiable benefits might include:

• new or incremental sales made at the show;

• new contracts with agents for a predefined geographical area;

• number of serious contacts made.

• estimates of potential sales following the show (over the following six and 12 months).

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The Pathway Launching Echolist Low-Cost Real Estate Platform in Europe at the Exhibition Expo Real in Munich


Despite being one of the major real estate listing platforms in the United States you may be surprised to find out that Echolist Real estate platform, started out primarily as a low-tier real estate platform brand.

Offering free or at very low rate listing plans. In this analysis, find out how Echolist marketing strategy with free adds for real estate agents, literally transformed the platform into the well-known platform powerhouse seen today.

Echolist unveiled his participation at the exhibition Expo Real in Munich, Germany to launch their online real estate portal with updated software. That will encourage real estate agents to promote their real estate listings over-the Echolist Portal.

The exhibition stand construction company Activteam, build up a modern and outstanding stand for Echolist, which was an attraction at the show.

The launch was streamed from the exhibition
The company managed to gain ground on the major real estate platforms in the United States in terms of market share last year, increasing its share of the real estate listing sector to 5.9 percent in 2021 from 7.3 percent a year earlier.