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- 13 acre lot

Mansfield, Mansfield, MO 65704

$1500 DOWN on Hunting Land

$1500 DOWN on Hunting Land $1,500 DOWN on Prime Hunting Land in the Missouri Ozarks, with NO Credit Checks! 13 Acres of very high-quality land in a private location in the Missouri Ozarks! This special tract offers two open meadows, a large amount of mature timber and so much more! We have a very limited number of these tracts at the Panther Hollow Project, which are some of the HIGHEST QUALITY deer hunting tracts in the nation. Wright County is consistently ranked as one of the top deer hunting areas in Missouri (and in the nation). These tracts are also within about two miles of the Cedar Gap Conservation Area (public land), within a mile of Bryant Creek (some tracts have direct frontage on Bryant Creek) and within about 30 miles of the Mark Twain National Forest which gives you over 100,000 acres of ADDITIONAL acreage for hunting, camping, fishing, trail riding and recreation (public land). We offer complet.


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$1500 DOWN on Hunting Land

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