Let Your Exhibition Booth Speak For You

Each year, there are about 31,000 exhibitions happening all around the world. In all these exhibitions, approximately 260 million individuals attend these events. Among all of these attendees, 88 percent of them possess the purchasing power to acquire the goods or services being offered.

This is the reason why a lot of companies are being more engaged in participating in trade shows and exhibitions. Trade shows and exhibitions can give lots of potentials and can open big doors for your business. There is possible to meet people who are truly interested in your goods and services. However, a lot of businesses are not able to maximize the opportunities generated by these events.

While most of the excitement happens before and during the event, most of the work is done before. Sure, it is hard to conceptualize and give birth to an effective exhibition booth presentation. But not being able to follow up on your leads defeat the whole purpose of putting the stand in the first place.

In the same manner, poor planning and execution of exhibition booths may not generate the expected results. Unappealing exhibition stands may not even warrant a second look from your potential customers. Joining trade shows and exhibits may put a dent on your budget. That is why is needed to make sure that the exhibition booth is effective and worth.

When planning an exhibition booth presentation, you need to start first with the simplest thought. What is the brand? Do not put in flowery words and salesy pitch. As much as possible, describe your brand using one word. Build ideas around that word.

The ideas should create consistency and sincerity and it should be easy to understand. People passing by should be able to get your idea just by looking at your stand. But it should entice curiosity as well that people will want to take a closer look.

As with billboard advertisements, they follow the 3-second rule. They should be able to catch the attention of people passing by and convey their message in a span of three seconds. This rule is somehow similar with exhibition booths.

After building upon the central idea of your brand, you need to create your elevator pitch. As the name implies, the length of your sales pitch should be the same length of time a person spends on an elevator ride; from the moment he enters an elevator until he reaches his destination floor. Your elevator pitch should be short, crisp, and sincere.

The exhibition booth should reflect the brand and your business’ values. It should be able to bring the company philosophy to the customers. Let them know the company. Strive to be remarkable so people will remember the business even after the event. Bring in leads and make sure to follow up with them.

Your exhibition booth presentation should be consistent with the brand so people will remember if they see the brand advertise somewhere else. Ensure that a follow up plan is in place. Provided that the planning and execution of your exhibition booths are streamlined to how you will follow up with leads, then get the results that you want.